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SURFIX Trailer Bunk Slides, Bunk Strips and Guide-Ons


Glide Ons, Bunk Strips, Guide-Ons

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  • All edges meeting the watercraft are rounded.
  • Glides are .45 inches thick SOLID white, marine grade polymer. No hidden hollow spots or voids to cave in common to injection molded pieces.
  • Smooth flat wide surface spreads the weight of the hull making it easier on the finish.
  • Apply bunk glides directly on wood bunks or over worn carpet with supplied stainless steel hardware
  • Easy to cut and drill with common working tools.
  • When the water is low, bunk glides still make it workable.
  • Trailer slides are unaffected by sun, weather or sea water.
boat accessories.


Frequently pontoons get pitting caused by the reaction of salt water with the pressure treated wood leaching thru the carpet. This eats the aluminum. You can insulate the aluminum from the carpet by using the bunk glides. Glides are mounted on top of the existing bunk and secured with provided stainless steel screws.

All products made in the USA.

* * For orders of 8 glides or more going to the same destination we will apply a 10% discount at time of order processing. You will be notified by email of the adjusted total amount. * *

Wide Bunk Slides - $24.65 each
Each strip is 3" wide x 54" long

Wide bunk slides, guide-ons, trailer bunk glide ons.

Narrow Bunk Slides - $18.50 each
Each strip is 1 1/2" wide x 54" long


Extra Wide Bunk Slides - $37.45
Each strip is 5" wide x 54" long

extra Wide bunk slides, guide-ons, trailer bunk glide ons.

Solid white marine grade polymer slides take the wear and tear…so your boat, PWC or Jet Ski doesn't!

Trailer Bunk Glide Pricing / Ordering

Normally a 3 inch glide is used on a 4 inch bunk,
a 4 inch glide is used on 5 inch bunk and a 5 inch glide on a 6 inch bunk.

(Sold As Individual Strips, Not in Pairs)

* Shipping in Continental U.S. Only - Minimum of $25 shipping fee per order *

Part Number Size Unit Price  
26.5 Inch (Length) Trailer Bunkslides
BG1.526.5 1.5" x 26.5" $ 10.75
36 Inch (Length) Trailer Bunkslides
BG1.5.036.0 1.5" x 36" 12.00
BG3.036.0 3" x 36" 16.50
BG4.036.0 4" x 36" 21.75
BG5.036.0 5" x 36" 27.35
48 Inch (Length) Trailer Bunkslides
BG1.5.048.0 1.5" x 48" 17.55
BG3.048.0 3" x 48" 23.40
BG4.048.0 4" x 48" 28.25
BG5.048.0 5" x 48" 33.85
54 Inch (Length) Trailer Bunkslides
BG1.554.0 1.5" x 54" 18.50
BG3.054.0 3" x 54" 24.65
BG4.054.0 4" x 54" 31.65
BG5.054.0 5" x 54" 37.45
60 Inch (Length) Trailer Bunkslides
BG3.060.0 3" x 60" (5 foot) 29.25
BG4.060.0 4" x 60" (5 foot) 37.75
BG5.060.0 5" x 60" (5 foot) 47.25
72 Inch (Length) Trailer Bunkslides
BG3.072.0 3" x 72" (6 foot) 34.60
BG4.072.0 4" x 72" (6 foot) 45.30
BG5.072.0 5" x 72" (6 foot) 56.65
84 Inch (Length) Trailer Bunkslides
BG3.084.0 3" x 84" (7 foot) 39.60
BG4.084.0 4" x 84" (7 foot) 52.85
BG5.084.0 5" x 84" (7 foot) 66.05
Custom Sizes Trailer Bunkslides
(width: 3" or greater)
L" x W" x 0.17  
Call or Email for Quote
(width: less than 3")
L" x W" x 0.28  
Call or Email for Quote

A few comments from our customers...

"After trying several different types of Bunk Glide material, our rescue squad ordered a set of glides from you last week and installed them on our PWC trailer right away.  The previous set  of glides were sets of 16" pieces that were installed with 6 screws per piece.  The problem is that we load our PWCs onto our trailers in reverse, so when we slide them off on the beach, they are nose first into the water.  With the other single glides, the rear of the PWC would catch the leading edge of each individual piece and last week, a piece of the rear corner of the PWC was damaged while loading it onto the trailer.

I found your website by "accident" and we are extremely pleased with your product.  The single piece glide eliminates the previous problem and on our  9 foot bunk, we only have one seam to contend with and that is not a problem with your glides.  They butt together rather nicely.

Thank you for an outstanding product.  When seconds count in the water rescue business, we can count on surfix glides for ease of unloading and loading.

Feel free to use any comments from the email in your promotions.  Some things that you may add are: "Quality material" and "extremely easy to install".  You may use our name as well." Hatteras Island Rescue Squad" (Buxton, NC)." 

"For anyone who doubts, these are truly the easiest aftermarket addition to bunks I have ever seen. I took my cordless screwdriver to the boat ramp and installed them in 5 minutes. I can now launch my 20 footer by myself and no longer have to worry about my friends flaking out. The boat centered itself with ease and took less than half the strength to winch up than normal. This should save me a few winch straps along the way! Thanks again"…Gabriel H.

"Hi, just wanted you to know that the product is installed and working fine. The launching process is definitely a lot smoother, just that my procedure has to be changed somewhat now that I have to leave the winch connected or else the boat is on the ramp. It is a one handed launch now and I really like the fact that there is no wet carpet oozing water for three days and causing rusted trailer brackets. Now in a matter of a few hours everything is fairly dry and nothing is dripping. Oh well, I'm sure you know all this stuff already, thanks again."

"I have installed your product on my trailer and they work wonderfully! Before I installed the Surfix bunk slides launching my 18 ½ foot Sea Ray was very difficult at low tide. I could not do it my self, and my 14 year old son and I had to use all of our strength to push the boat off the trailer. At low tide I had to put the back of the car into the salt water. Cranking the boat on to the trailer was also very hard. With your product installed, the boat really does glide off of the trailer with very little effort. I can now easily launch the boat by myself with the car well away from the salt water. Cranking the boat onto the trailer is now very easy. Your product is fantastic! Thank you,"

"Anyone who values their jetski would be crazy not to invest in this product. It's simply brilliant. From a very happy buyer, thanks again" 

"I have a 22-foot Angler and last weekend I was out all day and was dreading having to crank the boat onto the trailer.  To my surprise when I returned, my father had added your trailer glides to my trailer. I can’t believe how much difference that made; the boat seemed like it was sliding on butter and it even centered better on the trailer.  My dad said it only took 10 minutes to install with a cordless drill.  Thank you”

Please remember to keep the bow strap hooked until you are safely in the water.

These can really reduce the friction! When the water is low, it is still workable. Simple-to-install and reduces the effort of loading and unloading. If needed, they are easy to cut and drill with common woodworking tools.

This product is also known as bunk carpet, bunk glides, bunk glydes, bunk pads, bunk slicks, bunk sliks, bunk strips, pwc, trailer guide-ons, trailer slides, trailer accessories, bunk accessories, bunks.

For usage on your jet ski, marine watercraft, kawasaki, sea-doo, seadoo personal watercrafts, yamaha, or polaris pwc.

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